Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Public Art Idea

I was thinking of setting up a transparent grid of fishing wire in a long rectangular construction between posts, and using that grid as a template to recreate what is on the other side of the construction with a few extravagant changes. This could be done by using yarn to bring a lot of color to a site that the people of Reno pass by without paying much attention on a daily basis. This would not be a full on (woven) banner however, as being able to line up the skyline behind it would be the interactive element to this venture, its transparency and color would only work to augment what is already present.

The Idea would be to recreate the landscape to encourage people to look at the little pockets of beauty that we have all over this city, by bringing some more eye catching elements into the scenery (Perhaps mountains of vibrant color with Godzilla attacking planes in the skyline?) .  There could also be several constructions existing on the same post; lining up different parts of the scenery at different angles and perspectives--which could include parts of the neighborhoods, or looking in the other direction, parts of the city.

I will continue polishing this idea, and testing on a smaller scale to see how feasible this idea would be.

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