Monday, February 20, 2012

Failed Snow Project

I intended to gather and store some snow in my freezer, and wait until all the snow around the city had melted before putting it back into the community.

I had made a snowman and intended to hide him in the freezer section of a nearby gas station. I had hand painted his nose and stick arms, which came out better than expected. However, where it all went horribly wrong was when I dipped fabric lint in archival ink to die them, then attached them to the snowman and left him alone in the freezer for four days.

And then THIS!

I, like an idiot, did not think about the ink bleeding into the snow. At least I have learned from my naive mistake, and the next time it snows I will attempt this again. But, as for this snowman, I would like to recycle the painted limbs and nose, so he wont be greeting you from the freezer section anytime soon.

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