Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Post Graffiti

The stencil I produced for this project was designed to play with the space of an area to capture the attention of passersby, hopefully creating a connection to the derelict and ignored spaces of our city.

The idea is along the lines of, "can you ignore what is staring right at you, or staring at a third party that you would rather not pay attention to."

To play with this idea I made a stencil of a wide unblinking eyeball, a perfect sphere, and left the iris free floating from the stencil, so that whatever location I put it up at, I would be able to guide the direction of the viewers focus to what I wanted them to see.

It is a simple stencil, in both design and execution. But I think that it does what I wanted to accomplish wonderfully.

Here are photos of one location.

I plan to put more of these up around the city, in the eastern 4th St area, the next night we have that is decently warm.

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