Monday, February 20, 2012

Humor Flyers

I decided to make a series of flyers that create a narrative of an assumed character that continues to buy exotic pets to rid himself of a previously existing pet problem.

I originally wanted to place ALL of the flyers in and outside of local pet shops. And I did this for half of them. But, as I was out in the city putting these up, more humorous options presented themselves. In the area that I live, the local shops are primarily spanish-speaking, as are their clientele. Being able to hide the flyers amongst all of the existing phone card ads is what drew me to these locations, and I felt that if those entering the establishment could not read english, then they may relate these flyers to "wanted posters" rather than flyers requesting the item pictured. If one guy out there thought that a bobcat was loose in the neighborhood (or if someone actually asked for the fictional Tito) I will die a happy man.

I apologize for the quality of my location photographs

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