Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Post Graffiti Cont.

Here is a new direction for the work I have been doing that focuses on the parts of Reno that the public would rather ignore--derelict buildings and the homeless.

When the Aces ball stadium came to Reno, the city "cleaned" up the near broken area around Fourth St. to encourage tourism, but if you travel in one block in any direction from that point, the city returns to its previous, derelict, true, state. It is only window dressing, implemented in the hope that we would forget about the poor state of our city.

Last year the city of Reno came in with dump-trucks to tear down the homeless "tent city" just off of fourth St. Presumably, to discourage the growing number of homeless in this city. 

The purpose of this series is to bring those that the city would like to ignore, into a more visible and semi-permanent place--turning the invisible into visible, so to speak.

This is Anthony. He is fifty one, and although born in another state, has been living in this city for nearly ten years--through the aid of our Missions. 

Here is a stencil that I made of him: first in the location that I met him, in the hopes that he may return and see it for himself, and the second is right off of the Fourth St. area. 

More to come in the future. 

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